Parents Active in Cooperative Education

…(PACE) is a partnership of teachers, parents, and children committed to an enriched learning environment. Together with our school and neighborhoods, PACE strives as a community to foster learning and develop a foundation for our children’s future. Although each PACE program is partly defined by its home school, teachers, and parent resources, all PACE programs meet curriculum requirements for the Northshore School District.

PACE was created in 1973 when fifteen families proposed a program implementing higher parent involvement. Today, PACE is a grade 1 through 5 program offered at three sites throughout the Northshore School District. Our children are part of a learning community that moves through grades together.

PACE students benefit from one-on-one support in the classroom provided by parent volunteers who assist with small group instruction and offsite enrichment programs. Each classroom participates in a variety of field trips to enhance the learning experience. Students can experience multi-grade cooperative learning through program study units and activities.

Visit the Northshore School District PACE page for more information.