Classroom enrichment programs and in-class activity is at the heart of PACE.

Classroom Directory

1st Grade

PACE Class of 2027

Teacher: Cyndi Wylie
Room Rep: AnaLaura Lopez

Miss Wylie’s NSD page

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2nd Grade

PACE Class of 2026

Teacher: Rebecca Moran
Room Rep: Jamie Stanislaus

Mrs. Moran’s NSD page

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3rd Grade

PACE Class of 2025

Teachers: Nichole Fisher
Room Rep: Brianna Thunberg

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4th Grade

PACE Class of 2024

Teacher: Dean Barnard
Room Rep: Emily Cavanaugh

Mr. Barnard’s NSD Page

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5th Grade

PACE Class of 2023

Teacher: Jaclyn Berg
Room Rep: Alicia Bower

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Enrichment Programs

Some highlights include:

  • Robotics
  • Kids in Medicine (UW)
  • UW Brain Fair
  • Wilderness Awareness
  • ToyMaker
  • Adventuress Sailing
  • SoundBridge
  • Author in Residence
  • Island wood
  • Pioneer Farms
  • Seattle Children’s Theater
  • Oxbow Farms
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Nordic Museum
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Wing Luke Museum
  • WA State Historical Society History Lab
  • Museum of Pop Culture Sound Experience
  • Community Visitor
  • Klondike Museum & Underground Tour
  • Salmon Hatchery
  • …and much more!