Equity and Diversity at Wellington Elementary

Welcome to diversity and equity at Wellington Elementary! The purpose of this site is a hub of resources to encourage our ongoing development of diversity or equity in our local community and beyond. This site is for all – students, families, teachers, administrators, community members and local organizations.

The Diversity and Equity effort at Wellington elementary is comprised of students, a staff Equity Team, parent organizations such as PACE and PTA, teachers and administrators, with connections to other schools and district alignment.
District Mission and Work
We Are Committed to supporting and sustaining an educational community that is inclusive, diverse and equitable. The values of diversity, inclusion and equity are inextricably linked to our mission of excellence, and we embrace these values as being critical to development, learning, and success. To fully realize our mission it is imperative we recognize the institutional barriers, including racism and bias, that contribute to the pervasive, disparate educational outcomes within our school system.
We Will Take Action to eliminate barriers as we strive for educational equity for all student groups. We expect nothing less than an accessible, multicultural community in which civility and respect are fostered, and discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. We recognize that our work to respect diversity and to include all in our community has roots in a history that has privileged certain groups while excluding and oppressing others. In our work with our schools and community, we work to address the detrimental effects of this history through our teaching, practice, training and service.
Moreover, We Are Vigilant to advance the voices and needs of our marginalized populations, given the existing power differentials within our community and in the larger society.
As a school, Wellington Elementary, we seek to promote our own awareness and identify actions to  make all opportunities more equitable and balanced at our school. We wish for every student and their family to feel at welcome and at home here, that they can be themselves.