At the end of each school year, the PACE at Wellington community bids farewell to our graduating and departing families*. To all twenty-eight departing families who have contributed so much to PACE over the last several years we thank you for all that you gave, we thank you for sharing your children and yourselves with our community, and we wish you the best in your future plans.

  • Bhurgri family
  • Burns-Collins and Collins family
  • Church family
  • Fernando family
  • Lopez family
  • Low family
  • McKenney family
  • Quilantang family
  • Stevens and Cooper family
  • Sweetman family
  • Yan family

* Note: This is an opt-in list. If you are not yet included and wish to be, please reach out to the Digital Team.


Along with these families, there are several teachers who will be departing from the PACE at Wellington program who we would also like to thank for all of the effort they’ve spent educating our children.

  • Congratulations on your retirement following a long career at Wellington, Mrs. Rayl. You will be missed!
  • Mr Butz, Mr. Nitta, and Mr. Schmitz have all played direct or indirect roles with PACE students, especially in helping adjust our 6th grade Class of 2017 students to a rotating block schedule by sharing teaching responsibilities and so we are equally grateful for you. We are losing them due to the 2017 Grade Reconfiguration. We wish you well and look forward to perhaps seeing you in your new roles!
    • Mr. Butz will be moving to Leota Junior High School
    • Mr. Nitta will be staying at Wellington and begin teaching Kindergarten
    • Mr. Schmitz will be moving to Skyview Junior High School


The 2017-2018 PACE at Wellington teacher line-up will be:

  • 1st Grade: Miss Kellison
  • 2nd Grade: Mrs. Moran
  • 3rd Grade: Mrs. DiMarco
  • 4th Grade: Not yet determined
  • 5th Grade: Mr. Booth
  • Principal: Mr. Bagnall