Welcome!  Our new site helps you to make keeping track of your volunteer hours easier than ever. Here are a few tips and notes:

  • Enter your hours every week – get credit for the work you do!
  • All hours earned by family members add up automatically into your family’s total
  • Make sure each member logs in separately to track their hours


How does it work?

  • Click the “Dashboard” link on the “Member Area” page, and log in
  • Check your family’s progress toward the 80-hour requirement on your Dashboard
  • In the Hours area, choose the appropriate category from the menu, and make sure each family member enters hours separately. It’s important to us to be able to track true time spent on specific activities. This info is used to assess the commitment level required for each role, which we relay during the selection of support positions.


What counts?

  • Time spent on your Support Position
  • In-class volunteer time
  • General Meetings [attendance required]
  • Classroom meetings (twice per year) [attendance required]
  • Board, team, or other meetings
  • Sock Hop planning activity
  • Some field trip time (max 10 hours/day)
  • PTA hours: limited to 20 per year for solely PTA activities, but unlimited for joint PTA/PACE activities

…and more! Ask your Room Rep for more details.